• Get appruve.Id
    Get appruve.ID

    Why use Appruve Identity

    /identity With connections to over 60 million identities across Africa, the Appruve Identity API makes it really easy to verify a user's identity document.We can verify, national identity documents, passports, voter identity documents , social security numbers, health insurance documents across markets we have presence in.

    • We use a well researched, risk assessment process to assign a confidence score to an identity.

    • We are continually engaging governments and regulatory bodies in order to increase our coverage.

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  • Post agency.post
    Post agency.post

    Why use Appruve Agency

    /agency Agency banking is critical to delivering financial services where a bank or telco can’t have a physical presence.To get this right, enabling agent assisted KYC and onboarding for users is imperative to any agency network. Leveraging machine learning offline , we enable agents to onboard customers with our facial recognition and document authentication SDKs.

    • We can authenticate over 10 document types across Africa and tie it to biometrics of users to prevent any fraud or spoof attempts.

    • Appruve Agency API & SDKs are built to work in poor internet environments.

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  • Get income.get
    Get income.get

    Why use Appruve Financial

    /income Most lending and investments platforms need to verify a user’s income in order to assess their worthiness. Appruve Financial API, makes this process simple and efficient.Make a request to a user’s bank or mobile money account, with their permission you get a history of income and balances in their accounts ,coupled with categorised employer related data, such as social security numbers and employer identification.

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  • Post diligence.post
    Post diligence.post

    Why use Appruve diligence

    /diligence Doing business across Africa, means engaging multiple individuals and business entities you are not entirely sure of. Appruve’s background search platform, takes this hurdle away from you.

    • If you are an employer, attorney, investor ,travel agency or an entity that needs to do background check, with minimal information on your engaging party.

    • We can provide you categorized data on their identity documents , business ownership ,education background and other relevant information to make a decision.

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