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Appruve is driven by machine learning models and ethical artificial intelligence

Appruve APIs can classify images,videos and detect genuine or spoofed identity documents of over 60 million Africans,the largest of its kind for black Africans, using computer vision and natural processing technologies.

  • Face detection & comparison
  • Object character recognition & localization
  • Smart capture & liveness detection
  • Infra red & ultra violet document classification

Achieve KYC & AML compliance across Africa via a single integration

Pursuing a Pan-African strategy? Achieve compliance across multiple regulatory markets simultaneously,all from a single dashboard. Verify identities across borders or locally. We have designed Appruve in compliance with the most recent Financial Action Task Force (FATF) recommendations, allowing for an effective customer due diligence (CDD) process.

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Focus on the last mile identity connection

The Appruve team is relentlessly working to deliver to our clients access to multiple data sets all across the continent. Our API as a service module makes it possible to extend data sets that exist offline into the digital world. Connect to varied data sets ,including :

  • National ID databases
  • Utilities
  • Telco networks
  • Business registry
  • Academic registry
  • Bank and mobile money accounts

Confirm ownership of bank account and mobile money balances

Building a fintech app that needs to verify bank account and mobile money account ownership ?

With Appruve API you can enable your users to connect their accounts to your app. You can request users to confirm their existing balances ,and transaction history.


Appruve is built for all kinds of innovators in mind Are you building a lending app for SMEs, enabling farmers to invest in the NYSE, or tracking revenue from government agencies? Appruve was built with your needs in mind.

Appruve for

We provide secured sandboxed access tokens to test out your latest financial innovation.

What will you build ?

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Appruve for Large Enterprises

Execute your entire organizational KYC /AML policy for digital and in-person channels with Appruve products.

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Appruve for Startups/Scaleups

Validate income for lending & investments, remotely onboard customers & be KYC compliant across Africa.

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Appruve for governments

Governments agencies looking to enable offline databases to the digital world, can rely on the Appruve API as a service tool suite.

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Appruve is developer first and friendly

  • Simple documentation to get you going quickly
  • Sandbox access tokens to test out implementations
  • REST APIs, Client Libraries, and SDKs are available
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